Civil liability

Areas of Expertise

Our firm puts its expertise at your service, whether you are the victim or the perpetrator of a harmful event or are involved as an insurance company, particularly in medical, banking, notary, legal or administrator malpractice, in building or traffic accidents.
Our lawyers can assist you upon the occurrence of the injurious event, then through the various stages of proceedings before criminal, civil and administrative courts, but also in the negotiations, particularly between insurers.

We can also provide assistance in such circumstances, as :

  • Securing punitive damages for injury, if necessary through litigation, including such diverse causes such as compensation for emotional distress, damages for loss of earnings or to the household
  • Provide assistance to an insured person or insurance company in bi-or multi-party negotiations
  • Open and/or support a criminal trial, from the initial claim to the final ruling

Practising in this field:
Rémy Wyler, Peter Schaufelberger, Boris Heinzer, Aline Bonard, Marie-Thérèse Guignard.