Criminal law

Areas of Expertise

With one experienced practitioner in this field, our firm regularly provides comprehensive assistance to clients, whether individuals, corporate or government entities, in criminal procedures, from the initial complaint to the final ruling, through all stages of the investigation, trial and potential appeals. We assist accused or complainants, plaintiffs or victims, in such diverse areas of criminal law as white collar crime, juvenile delinquency, administrative or military offenses, traffic law, as well as crimes against life, honor or property.

We can specifically assist you through the following stages :

  • Drafting of criminal complaints and civil claims.
  • Development of a defence strategy and assistance in the course of investigation and any hearings.
  • Drafting and filing of appeals.
  • Negotiations (with plaintiffs, insurance companies, civil parties claiming for damages).

The “Certified Specialist SBA Criminal law” is :
Aline Bonard.