Administrative law and public entities

Areas of Expertise

The firm is recognized for its expertise in the field of administrative law and public authorities. We have extensive experience and a broad practice built to serve a broad base of customers including individuals and private businesses as well as public entities or decentralized administrative bodies. Involved at all stages of the proceedings, whether contentious (litigation) or not, before local, state or federal authorities, the firm enjoyce a strong expertise in all respect of administrative procedure.

Benoît Bovay is a Professor on this subject at the University of Lausanne.

The firm is particularly active in the following areas:

  • Public markets
  • Formal and material expropriation
  • Liability of public authorities
  • Public contributions law
  • State monopolies and concessions
  • Contracts under administrative law
  • Public and Private Partnerships
  • Use of the public domain
  • Organization and communal autonomy
  • Constitutional law

The “Certified Specialist SBA construction and real estate law” are: 
Benoît Bovay and Thibault Blanchard, both beeing respectively Professor and lecturer, responsible for a master course in regional planning (zoning law) and construction law at the University of Lausanne.

Practising in the same field: 
Feryel Kilani.