Contract law

Areas of Expertise

With several experienced practitioners in the field of contract law, CBWM & Associés provides advice and assistance to its clients in negotiating, drafting, concluding and analysing any types of contracts, notably contracts in the field of :

  • trade law (sale, distribution, agency, license, services, cooperation, business ownership transfer, etc…);
  • construction and property law;
  • individual and collective labour law;
  • family law;
  • procurement law.

This activity also comprehends fulfilment/enforcement of contracts in the event of litigation, whether through the state courts or arbitration courts.

Practising in this field :
François Chaudet, Benoît Bovay, Rémy Wyler, Guy Mustaki, Peter Schaufelberger, Jérôme Guex, Florian Chaudet, Aline Bonard, Thibault Blanchard, David Regamey, Marie-Thérèse Guignard, Christophe Perrin, Maxime Flattet, Hugo Porchet.