Inheritance law

Areas of Expertise

With two Certified Specialists SBA Inheritance law, our firm offers thorough expertise and a recognized know-how in inheritance law.

In an environment in which estate settlement is ever getting more complex and international (cross border), our firm provides a wide array of personalized and global services by experienced and specialized attorneys, covering:

Estate planification

  • Legal opinions in any related issue.
  • Estate planning.
  • Testamentary wills.
  • Inheritance contracts (with our notary network).
  • Patient decree (Living will).
  • Advance care directive (Lasting powers of attorney in case of loss of the capacity to consent).
  • Amendement to nuptial (marital) property contracts (with our notary network).
  • Succession planning for family companies and SMEs.
  • Adult and Child protection (Deputyship for personal care, asset management, representation).
  • Wealth/assets preservation/protection.
  • Trusts and foundations.
  • Tax issues (with our tax adviser network).

Official Mandate

  • Official estate administration.
  • Missions of representative of the heirs.
  • Missions of official liquidator.
  • Expert opinions in the context of judicial proceedings.
  • Executor’s mission.
  • Deputyship with powers of representation in estate related matter.
  • Estate transmission.
  • Assistance in all estate transmission operations (notably before the Justice of the Peace).
  • Estate litigation, arbitration and mediation.
  • Amiable or contentious estate liquidation.
  • Provisional protective measures.
  • Estate division claim.
  • Annulment (declaration of invallidity) of last wills claim.
  • Abatement claim (reconstitution of the legal portion).
  • Recovery of inheritance claim.
  • Drafting and enforcement of estate partition agreements (contract of division).
  • Enforcement of foreign estate judicial decisions.

We can assist you in French, German (and Swiss German), Italian and English.

The “Certified Specialist SBA inheritance law” are : 
Peter Schaufelberger, David Regamey.

Practicing in the same field : 
François Chaudet, Guy Mustaki, Jérôme Guex, Christophe Perrin, Hugo Porchet.