Labour (private and public) and insurance law

Areas of Expertise

With three Certified Specialists SBA in labour law, our firm provides advice and assistance in all matters related to employment law and labour law, whether in the private or the public sectors, at an individual or collective level.  You will find partners who, while being fully qualified in private or public law within the strict meaning of the terms, are also highly proficient in closely related specialized areas, such as health and safety in the workplace, civil and criminal liablity, labour lease, the posting of workers, work permits for foreigners and the free movement of workers.

In the civil/public service, we can assist both local authorities and employees.

We can also help you solve practical problems, e.g. in terms of membership, payment of contributions or benefit payments, or any problem you may encounter in the various branches of benefits/social insurance law, especially in matters of loss of income insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational pension or coordination of social security schemes.

We thus notably can offer you the following services :

  • Legal representation before state or arbitration courts in the context of individual or collective labour (private or public sector) disputes or litigation involving social insurances.
  • Assistance in proceedings involving alleged civil or criminal liability of the employer and/or employees.
  • Drafting of individual employment contracts or internal staff regulations.
  • Negotiation with all social partners regarding collective instruments such as collective labour agreements or social plans.
  • Advice and assistance in situations involving individual and collective redundancies.

The “Certified Specialist SBA Labour law” are :
Rémy Wyler, Aline Bonard, Marie-Thérèse Guignard.

All three are certified “Certified Specialists SBA Labour Law”, which is one of the largest concentrations of certified skills in this area.

Rémy Wyler is co-author of a handbook (“précis de droit du travail”) that is a reference publication in Switzerland (Wyler/Heinzer, Droit du travail, 4ème edition, 2019).