Areas of Expertise

Already active for the past 30 years in alternative dispute resolution through arbitration, the Firm has an active practitioner (certified as « Mediator SBA » and « CEDR Accredited Mediator ») both as a mediator and as counsel to clients participating in a mediation process. The mediation method can be applied flexibly to various areas of law. Over time, there has been a growing interest among litigants in finding a solution to their disputes outside the litigation process, which is often an imperfect response to their needs (mediation can be fast and flexible, enabling agreements to be reached on an individual basis and tailored to specific needs). In addition to the above, it is advisable to favour negotiated rather than litigated solutions, provided of course that an amicable outcome remains reasonable, the terms of which are thus more likely to be implemented without subsequent difficulties. In particular, the mediation process makes it possible to preserve the relationship between two parties divided by a conflict, which is a significant advantage particularly in the fields of family and commercial law. The Firm also has the skills to conduct mediation processes through private meetings if necessary. It is possible to work in both French and English.

Lawyer certified as « Mediator SBA » and « CEDR Accredited Mediator » : Florian Chaudet