Family law and divorce

Areas of Expertise

The firm regularly advises clients and assists them in their defence in all cases coming under family law. We notably act in divorce lawsuits, including those international ones and calling for application of conflicts of law regulation (private international law), in particular also regarding matrimonial property liquidation, but also concerning filiation law (parental responsibility, custody, right of access [visit right] and child support) as well as the issues of maintenance between spouses, of adoption, of financial planning for spouses, of registered partners and partners (cohabitees) and of adult protection law.

We notably can assist you in the following processes :

  • Instigate and/or conduct proceedings of protection of the marital union.
  • Instigate and/or conduct divorce proceedings.
  • Negotiate divorce with comprehensive or partial agreement.
  • Instigate and/or conduct proceedings of investigation concerning parental responsibility attribution, custody attribution and setting of right of access (visit right) in front of child protection authority.
  • Amiable or judicial liquidation of matrimonial property.
  • Pre-emptive advice to couples in order to choose between various legal options such as marriage or cohabitation.
  • Pursuant to marriage regulation, advice about various options in the field of matrimonial property and tailoring of the said matrimonial property.

The “Certified Specialist SBA family law” are:
Florian Chaudet.

Practicing in the same field:
Peter Schaufelberger.