Planning, building permits and environmental law

Areas of Expertise

With two Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Property law partners, CBWM & Associés provides advice and assistance regarding all issues and matters in connection with planning and environment. Our firm has been involved in a great many projects of private or public nature. Our skills encompass the construction process as a whole, from spatial planning (at the scale of a cantonal state, of local authorities, including processes involving several cantonal states) to the construction authorization process, possibly including environmental impact or other specific procedures (forest, nature, traffic, equipment, etc.). We assist, advise and defend clients, both private and public, before all relevant courts and administrative authorities. The firm is involved specifically in the following areas :

  • Regional Planning (Master Plan, land-use plans, neighbourhood plans, etc.).
  • Building permits and other special permits.
  • Major projects management.
  • Environmental law.
  • Waste management.
  • Pollution of water and soil.

The “Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Property law” are : 
Benoît Bovay and Thibault Blanchard, both being entrusted with a master course on regional planning (zoning law) and construction law at the University of Lausanne.

Practising in the same field : 
Maxime Flattet, Hugo Porchet.