Our firm


For several decades now, we have been one of the top law firms in the Lake Geneva area.

Over the years, our four founding partners have opted for a strategy of controlled growth by establishing a reputation for excellence in their respective areas of specialization.

Gradually, new partners have expanded parent skills to achieve an all encompassing range of services and legal advice.

Our client base is wide ranging, since it includes companies operating in the services industry, as well as local authorities or individuals.

We guide our clients through all stages of development of their businesses, or their lives.

We consider the ever increasing number of corporate and individual clients as a measure of our success.

Our patience and in depth knowledge of the of the various professional and social environments of the Lake Geneva region enable us to assist and represent our clients in either French, English, German or Italian before judicial and state authorities and arbitration courts.

Whether within our firm or in our relationships with our clients, we aim to operate on a close, personal level, to create an environment ensuring maximum availability.

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History and Values

By the late 1980s, our firm had flourished to become what it is today, under the guidance of its four founding partners:

  • François Chaudet since 1974, whilst with the firm Ruffy, Rochat, Chaudet
  • Benoît Bovay in 1987
  • Rémy Wyler in 1990
  • Guy Mustaki in 1991

Since, younger colleagues have joined the firm to increase to its complement to 11 partners. Every day ability to understand our clients’ requirements, the quality of our service, our close relationship with our clients as well as our solution driven advice are but a few of our core values.

The partners take particular care to ensure they remain at the forefront of legal development. This is achieved through continuing education, publications as well as the academic role taken on by many of us, as well as by our network of international contacts.

True to a long standing tradition, we have trained many law graduates to become attorneys, many of which have subsequently remained in the firm.

Our skills: mutually supportive and proven services

The quality of services and legal advice available from our firm is ingrained in a strategy of organic and controlled growth.

Initially, the four founding partners developed a practice, geared towards satisfying the requirements of a demanding long standing clientele in their individual areas of expertise. Subsequently, the new partners have broadened our offer of services. Today, in all material areas of law, the firm analyzes and drafts all decisive contracts in economic life. Before civil, criminal, administrative, bankruptcy and arbitration courts, in the context of litigation or not, we advise and represent clients in Switzerland and abroad, whether individual or corporate, in several languages.